Friday, December 6, 2013

Sunflowers & Eucalyptus

oil 16x12 inches click for purchase information and magnifier Some grocery store sunflowers with eucalyptus clippings. Out on old dairy land I found some huge unattended eucalyptus right by the side of the road. I love the variety of greens with the yellow sunflowers. Tomorrow night the 6 Squared show opens at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the great little works and meeting fellow artists!


  1. Beautiful piece Karen! Love how loose your brushwork is. I am so ready to be finished with commissions so that I can get back to painting looser.
    Good luck and have fun at the Higbee show. I love the name "truck and cluck". Perfect!

    1. Thank you, Carol. There's real joy in painting what personally excites us. Commissions, though I have done very few, are a whole different thing. I hope you lots of time to paint whatever you want! I love your work and appreciate your feedback very much.

  2. Wish I lived closer to the 6" Square show! Would have enjoyed meeting you, Karen. Your work is fabulous.


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