Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Ripe -sold

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
not for sale
This natural looking cluster of grapes from my daughter's backyard really got me excited! You don't get clusters like this in the store--leaf and all. My goal was to capture the translucency and varied color in the grapes. I also wanted to practice painterly edges: more softness so the fruit seemed part of the setting rather than cut out and pasted on. I'm especially happy with the feeling of light on the grapes below the leaf.

I didn't post yesterday due to internet connection problems. Thanks to Jyoti by phone from India, my uploading and downloading resumes! Amazing. From India. Also, just letting you know, in the next six weeks I'll be very busy working on two events: Mom's 90th Big Birthday Celebration, and Associated Artists of the Inland Empire's Fall Art Show. Though my posts may be sporadic, I'll get back in the daily routine as soon as the dust settles!


  1. Beautiful!! The light on the grapes under the leaf is amazing. Great job with the soft edges! I also love the glow of the peach.

    Good luck with your upcoming events!

  2. Karen, the reds in this are beautiful. The color in all your paintings are beautiful. Nice work.

  3. Karen, I just found your blog and so happy I did! I'm enjoying looking through all of your wonderful paintings, they are all so attractive, colorful and nicely composed.


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