Friday, May 16, 2014

Still Life With Crimson Ribbon -sold

oil 12x12 inches magnify/purchase Reds and violets with greens seem to be one of my favorite color schemes. This one was kind of "gaggy" until I added the earthy vintage photo and especially the lemons. The lemons provide happy relief from all the reds and greens. The main players in this piece belonged to my mother; the photo of her as a young child, the iridescent tea cup and the flower pot. Think I should keep the painting? No, because I have the objects themselves. It's the act of painting them that's the real joy for me. The BALBOA ART WALK IS THIS SUNDAY! I'm really looking forward to the cool temps, the music and the happy crowd! If you're in So Cal I hope you'll come and say hi. I'll be pretty close to where the ferry lands on the island. Turn left as you walk off the ferry and walk along the sea wall to Pearl Street. I'll have 20 feet of display space. Wooo-hooo!!!


  1. This is a very personal painting. Unless you plan to paint another one to honor your mom, I think this is one to be passed down through the generations in your family. All the objects fit together. And yes, adding the yellow was brilliant.

  2. Gorgeous piece Karen! Balboa sounds lovely! Tempting...


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