Thursday, August 12, 2010


watercolor on paper 14x12 inches
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I had a wonderful time demonstrating for Santa Ana Ebell Society today, a welcoming and interested group, some of whom stayed on way past time to see me finish. Thanks, ladies! The format is a larger version of a previous painting in the hopes that everyone could see, but to finish I had to paint much faster than usual! A cactus in bloom always interests me--tough and prickly yet with such beautiful flowers. Two of my favorite color pairs are here also: pink with orange, and yellow-green with red-violet. Yummy combos!


  1. Something that a prickly cactus can be portrayed as a thing of delicate beauty.
    Nice Karen!

  2. I love your palette and the softness of the watercolor. Beautiful work!!

  3. This is the colors too!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  4. This is one of the most beautiful prickly pear paintings I've ever seen. You are right about those yummy color combos. They have always been some of my favorites too. I would have loved to see your demo.

  5. Thank you, fellow women bloggers! You know how they say pears in art represent females??? Well for me, I think it's cactus! We can be beautiful at times, prickly perhaps, and are tougher than we look!


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