Monday, March 30, 2020

In Her Shadow

oil 8x8 Purchase info here. On September 16th I was thinking about my mother. It was her birthday. It felt right to paint something of hers. These are two in her set of knock-off Russian nesting dolls. The statement and feeling evoked in this painting was unplanned. As I painted I thought about mothers and daughters. I wondered if there are other grown women like myself who feel small and overshadowed by the memories of their mothers.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Good Read

oil 6x8 inches Available through Vanessa Rothe Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA. The gallery is currently closed, and all sales are online. To inquire Email: or call 949-280-1555.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Crueller, Coffee & Cream

oil 8x8 inches Purchase info here. The paintings I've been posting lately are all from September's Strada Easel Challenge: paint from life every day of September. One of my favorite color combinations is here; pink/red and orange. Then I decided on green as a secondary color complement. Thus, color harmony with a sweet subject. I have a collection of coffee cups. This "50's Cup" as I call it, brings to mind some good old days. Mom drinking Folgers poured from the Farberware electric percolator. She would ask me to put in the half & half until it was "just the right color."

Friday, March 27, 2020

Just A Bite

oil 8x8 inches Purchase info here. Such a beautiful and luscious fruit! I could use some watermelon and sunshine right now, how 'bout you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Nectarines On Greens

oil 8x8 inches Purchase info here. How 'bout some color to brighten your day? I hope these nectarines find you well and content with the temporary slower pace of life. I'm finding more time to paint, read, and do projects around the house. If you're interested, I recently posted six time lapse videos of my latest painting (16x20) on my Instagram page. Just do a search on IG for karenwernerart. Stay well, my friends!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

SOLD Apples & Poms-Some Gallery News

In & Out Apples 6x6 SOLD Vanessa Rothe Fine Art
Backyard Poms 8x8 SOLD Vanessa Rothe Fine Art. I'm very pleased to announce the recent sale of these two small pieces at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art. Thank you, Vanessa! Vanessa's gallery is as beautiful as they come. Located at 418 Ocean Avenue in Laguna Beach, it's a quaint cottage chock full of California, Russian and French Impressionism as well as contemporary realism. In November, Vanessa approached me about carrying my small works. I'm so grateful! Below is a sneak peak at a few paintings on their way to the gallery soon. Be sure to visit when you're in Laguna Beach. For more info on Vanessa Rothe Fine Art, click here. Thank YOU for following my work by reading my blog posts. Stay healthy!
Sunny In Blue 8x8
Backyard Still Life