Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bird, Bottle & Blooms


Bird, Bottle & Blooms  oil 10x8 inches
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I enjoyed painting the horizontal version of this subject so much that I thought it would work as a vertical as well.  The image is a bit blurry, but the painting in person is crisp where it needs to be.  If you purchase one of my paintings, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  
IN OTHER NEWS:  I have two openings in my 2day in-person workshop scheduled for April 22-23. Location: Upland, CA.  Email me for more information.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

An Early Pomegranate


An Early Pomegranate  oil 9x12 inches
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This painting was from August, when things were ripening in our garden.  Branches are from our apple and pomegranate tree.  Our poms would not be ready to eat till October, but while they ripen they go through beautiful color changes.  Clean pinkish red this early.  

Four Mushrooms


Four Mushrooms  oil 6x8 inches
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Last year I taught a workshop on painting white things and reflections in metal.  Someone brought some mushrooms,  Because I had never painted mushrooms, I heard them say, "Hey! Over here!  Paint us!"  

IN OTHER NEWS: I have new LED lighting in my studio.  It's like broad dayslight in there, and makes me want to paint 24/7!  Also I recently had some respiratory issues, so I'm learning to paint solvent-free, with walnut oil instead.  Lastly, I have a workshop coming up on April 22-23.  Email me if you would like all the details.