Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lemon & Grape Junction -a still life painting in oil

oil 8x8 inches magnify/purchase info Here's my old standby, the cruciform design loosely applied. Breaks up the negative space into different sizes and shapes. Fruit is very often round, giving me only curved shapes to work with. I cut fruit and include stems to add line. The lonely little grape is the shape of a different size, otherwise everything is nearly the same size. Fun stuff to think about. And it's only fruit. This is my first painting in my new studio. Happy fruit!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ode To Yellow -a still life painting in oil -SOLD

oil 8x8 inches magnify/purchase info Here's a still life I painted back in August with the idea that it might become a series, you know, "Ode to Green", Ode to Blue", etc. Well, it didn't. The bird is a mechanical one that chirps when it senses movement in the room. Thanks to all who visited my booths at Newport Beach and Tustin these last two Saturdays. Thank you for your purchases and interest in my work. My next event is "Art Uncorked" in Chino, November 14 from 4-8pm. Come enjoy the work of about eight artists, local food samplings, wine and beer. Tickets through Event Brite $30, or $40 at the door. Chaffey College Community Center, Chino. Proceeds help support the arts in Chino.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still Life Demo -sold

oil 8x8 inches magnify Friday's demo for the Carlsbad Oceanside Art League was so much fun! In the morning I judged their monthly exhibit, then they treated me to lunch in Carlsbad village. During my afternoon demo the group was very interested and asked great questions. What a pleasure! Thank you, COAL for inviting me. Liz won my donated painting, "White Pumpkin." She was so happy, and I was happy that she was happy! Then Marie bought my demonstration painting. We were both happy! Five or six very kind ladies stayed and helped my get my gear into my car, because I've had terrible trouble with my back for several days now. Too much lifting, unpacking, etc.
Here are some more progress shots of my studio.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Farm Cat -a plein air painting in oil -SOLD

oil 9x12 inches magnify/purchase info This could be a long post. So much happening, I'm going to try to catch up a bit here. On Labor Day (seems like months ago!) I had the pleasure of taking Katie, a very talented 8th grader, out painting for her first experience in oils and plein air. We had a great time at Amy's Farm as did the farm cat and this chicken that was overly interested in us, especially for a chicken.
My demo in Rancho was Sept. 12th, and I haven't painted since, but yes, I've been just a tad busy. We moved on the 25th after 25 years in the same house. About 175 boxes later, we are now down to maybe 30 left to unpack.
Part of the reason we moved was for a nice big studio where I could do my thing. So... in our backyard there's this "RV Garage". At first sight I thought "ART BARN!!!!" It already had a tiny restroom, industrial sink, overhead lighting, heater, epoxy floor and a north window (that might get bigger). Woo-hooooo!!! I just needed to clean, move cabinets, put in new counter tops and paint. Here are some progress shots. We are still working on it, but I might actually be painting in there very soon!
The top two indoor shots show the size (28x30 feet) and condition. Lots of potential! Then I had it painted taupe before move in day. More pictures coming in the next post.