Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Reflecting Red

oil 8x8 inches For purchase info click here. At my recent Advanced Still Life workshop we worked on reflections in metal. This is my demo painting. Just TWO DAYS LEFT of FREE SHIPPING on any painting in my gallery. Cash refund for shipping paid with an online purchase. See all my work here.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Blue Plate Special

oil 10x10 inches For purchase info, click here. I reworked this painting from 2015. The original work is pictured below. It nagged me for two years and I finally gave in. Although I liked the contrast created by the white drapery, I decided it was a bit blinding. I hope you like the new version. FREE SHIPPING ON ANY PAINTING THROUGH NOVEMBER 30TH! Buying online is so easy, shipping is fast and I will include a CASH REFUND OF ANY SHIPPING YOU PAY ONLINE. See my entire ONLINE GALLERY HERE.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Demo For Loma Linda

oil 8x8 inches For a closer look and purchase info click here. A still life demo for the Loma Linda Cultural Arts Association back in October. I reworked the pomegranate a few days ago. Tried to post shots of the the original version but today my computer doesn't like my iPhone. Technology...really tries my patience sometimes, but I'm still thankful to live in the computer age. With Christmas and Hanukkah approaching I hope you'll consider some of my small paintings in your gift giving. Shipping is fast. You can see all my work and purchase with a credit card in Daily Paintworks Gallery HERE. Also STUDIO C in Claremont has a large selection of my smalls that you can see in person from $30-$100. Located in the Village on Bonita behind Bert&Rocky's Ice Cream. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Today, November 21 after a software update, here's the original version of the demo. Only the pomegranate was changed. This iPhone shot shows accurate color.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Midnight Teahouse -a plein air painting from Tustin

oil 12x12 FRAMED For a closer look and purchase info click here. Here's an honest story about being an artist: This piece was part of Old Town Tustin Art Walk and Plein Air Contest. I drove an hour to Tustin and spent several hours choosing my subject and waiting for sunset. I painted this on the street after dark wearing a headlamp. It was a ton of fun, but when I finished at about 10pm I realized that I was very cold and my bad neck muscles were in spasm. Two weeks of daily headache followed. Maybe an award from the judges will make my effort worth it. Nope. The last straw was very poor sales on Tustin Art Walk day. Thus, I had spent a lot of effort for nothing. All this to say that being an artist is not all fun and games. "That must be relaxing," I heard recently from a passer by while painting on the street. Well sometimes it is just plain hard work, disapointment and even self-doubt. No, not relaxing. Except that your mind is so engaged that you don't even know you're freezing or you have to pee until you sign the painting. Maybe you could say the focused mind is a diversion from the news and personal troubles, but no, not relaxing. What keeps me going? I love to paint. I love paint, color, light and shadow. There's paint in my blood. I know I was made to do this. Today I'll teach a children's class. This weekend I'll teach an Advanced Still Life workshop. I'm so excited about both!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Demo For Anaheim

oil 8x8 inches For a closer look and purchase info, click here. Last night I demonstrated for the Anaheim Art Association, a casual and friendly group. I don't always love my demos when I finish, but I'm rather fond of this one. Thank you, Anaheim Art Association.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Simpler Time

oil 8x10 inches I'm back at the easel today from visits with family in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I reworked an old painting and will post it in the near future. In the meantime, my husband and I attended a car show recently. As we returned to our car I found this scene that took me back in time...a simpler time. IN OTHER NEWS: Tomorrow night at 7pm I'll demonstrate for the Anaheim Art Association. Downtown Community Center 250 E. Center St., Anaheim. Open to the public.