Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Busy Bee

oil 12x9 inches magnify/purchase info After a delicious breakfast at Pete's Breakfast House in Ventura, I set up to paint the Busy Bee Diner. The sun came out just long enough to get my shadow shapes in. The rest of my painting session was cool and overcast. Perfect. As I drew in, this classic Corvette pulled up. I snapped some pics before it was gone. It only stayed a few minutes. I finished the painting then used my phone pics to add the car. What a great morning, and I'm very happy with the result. Thank you to my husband who strolled the streets while I painted, checked on me and brought me water.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Campfire -SOLD

oil 9x12 inches magnify/purchase info And now for something really different! While camping in Ventura this past weekend I had a perfect opportunity to paint my first nocturne. Steve and his family, sitting in front of a classic trailer were very kind and interested in what I was doing. I painted from sundown to 10:30 pm. I didn't have my headlamp with me so I used the camping lantern. I learned SO much! Not being able to see very well meant I had to take my best shot at values, and remember where on the palette I mixed certain colors. The dark piles of paint were harder to see, and that's mostly what I needed! I usually paint on cotton canvas, but this one was linen, so the paint gloriously mooshed around. So much fun! I went to bed a happy camper.
My start, about 20 minutes in.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tweaking Paintings

oil 8x8 inches magnify/purchase info Haven't you seen this painting before? Yep! I made some changes to things that were bugging me. During a demonstration for a large group, I'm painting while talking at the same time, answering questions, and working much faster than I normally do. Oftentimes I feel they are not my best work. So I tweaked a few things on this one. It is now for sale. Just click on the purchase link above. Also below, I reworked the figure in "Deck Work." This is a plein air piece I did last summer for Just Plein Fun, an invitational on Balboa Island. I decided that a red shirt would bring the focus to the figure that the painting needed. This piece is sold. By the way, I'm very happy to report I have been invited to participate in the same event on Balboa Island this year, August 1-7. Thank you, Debra Huse Gallery!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Workshop Flower & Fruit

oil 6x6 inches magnify/purchase info Here's one of the demos I did for my last workshop. Below, some pics of this marvelous hard working and fun group. We had a great time! One of the attendees told me the next day, "I feel like I got two years of art school in two days!" And they all survived!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Demo For Rancho -a still life painting in oil

oil 8x8 inches magnify Here's the demonstration I did for Associated Artists of the Inland Empire a week ago today. I may make some minor changes. Haven't made time to do that yet! I taught a workshop with a wonderful group of students this past weekend. Pictures are coming in my next post. Tomorrow, (Friday June 17) I'll be at Studio C in Claremont painting all day with Elizabeth Carr. If you're in So Cal drop by and hang out a while. 260 W. Bonita Avenue. 10am to 6pm.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Watermelon Wedges -a still life painting in oil

oil 8x8 inches magnify/purchase info My first time painting watermelon. What luscious color and the smell...oh my gosh I just wanted to eat it the whole time. When a local fabric store went out of business (boo), I bought a lot of their upholstery fabric samples. You know, those things on the little hangers? The fabric in this painting is one of those; a natural colored linen. That neutral color is perfect for showing off fruit. IN OTHER NEWS: Just finished another watermelon painting as a demo for Associated Artists of the Inland Empire. Photos to come soon. Meanwhile, last Saturday my artist friend, Elizabeth Carr had the Grand Opening of her art studio in Claremont, STUDIO C. She graciously asked me to be her first guest artist. Thank you, my friend, and I wish you mad success! Here are some pics:
BEFORE - It had been a wig shop and "secret" hair salon!
AFTER -Opening Night
Elizabeth and her beautiful work on hanging day.
Some of my work. Elizabeth gave me space to hang over twenty paintings through June. She's so generous and supportive of other artists! IF YOU'RE IN SO CAL BE SURE TO VISIT STUDIO C. 260 W. Bonita Ave. Claremont, CA 91711. Open Tues-Sat 10am to 6pm and Claremont Art Walk Nights, first Saturday of each month 6pm to 10 pm.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Stars, Stripes & Sprinkles -a still life donut and flag painting in oil -SOLD

oil 6x6 inches magnify/purchase info Hot off the easel for National Donut Day. Go treat yourself to a donut. Or two. I'm pretty sure they're good for you today. In case you're interested in purchasing this painting, please know it needs a week to dry before I ship. Happy National Donut Day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Still Life With A Nectarine -a still life painting in oil

oil 14x11 inches magnify/purchase info I'd like to invite all my Southern California friends and followers to the Grand Opening of STUDIO C in Claremont. My friend and fellow artist Elizabeth Carr has turned a former hair salon space into a studio/gallery! I know! Amazing, huh??? Come and celebrate with her at the Grand Opening Reception this Saturday night, June 4th from 6-10 pm. It's also Claremont Art Walk Night. She graciously invited me to be her first guest artist for the month of June. Location: 260 W. Bonita Ave, Claremont, CA. 91711. Open Tues through Sat. 10am-6pm and First Saturday Art Walk Nights 6-10 pm. I hope you'll join us for the reception or drop by during the month of June.