Friday, April 27, 2012

Winter Glow

oil 8x6 inches not for sale My son lives in Idaho. In the winter they sit out on the back porch around this old washtub and "chill." I liked the glow on his hand and face. Because of the glowing windows I wanted to title it "Home Fires." You know, "Keep the home fires burning." Then I thought it sounded too much like a house on fire. Maybe I'm over-thinking this? :-) That stick might be a bit too short for most of us, but he's a welder, so the heat is no big deal. They're coming for a visit in a few weeks and I can't wait! Tonight I'm getting ready for the Chino Arts Festival tomorrow. Hope to see some of you locals there. By the way, sorry about the lack of spacing in my posts. Blogger made some changes and I don't know yet why this is happening.


  1. Une magnifique peinture... Une superbe composition et le travail du feu est fabuleux.
    Je vous souhaite une excellente journée à Chino Arts Festival.
    Je suis restée sur l'ancienne version... je pense que je n'ai pas complètement tort à lire certains commentaires.
    gros bisous

  2. Your paintings always have the greatest stories! The title is perfect and I can feel the cozy heat from the glow! Another gem.
    I do find it very maddening that Blogger changed ): but I have to say, your posts look great on my screen.

  3. Love the painting and the story. the glow on his hand is perfect as well as the warm colors on his face.

  4. Love this. I worked on the reservation in Browning Montana and this was a frequent sighting. Love the fire and feel of this painting.

  5. The glow on his face does look great. Is this painting a surprise for him!
    Happy Painting.


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