Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beavertail Blossoms

oil 14x11 inches on gallery wrap canvas ready to hang Click to Purchase I'm really enjoying the gallery wrap canvases, both for their texture and boxy shape. Thanks to Carol Carmichael who graciously shared some ideas on finishing the sides. Last spring at Descanso Gardens with a friend, we found this wonderful array of color. The label nearby was "Fairy Duster." I'm hoping it was indeed for this cactus! Some cactus expert out there correct me if I'm wrong! (Later note: WRONG!) A long time ago I discovered that the standard reds will not make some floral pinks, so here's a little chart I made before painting this piece. I ended up using ThRR- thalo red rose. My little sketchbook is a Moleskine with brown cardboard-like cover, perforated sheets and comes in packs of three. I use them for notes and sketching in the field, and color swatches at home.


  1. Karen your cactus painting are so nice. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit of info on pinks. I have had trouble with them before.

  2. Thanks to Valerie Hartmann, I learned this is beavertail cactus, not Fairy Duster. Apparently Fairy Duster is in the pea family! Whoa! Way off! Valerie teaches Jr. High and volunteers in Chino Hills State Park. Thanks, Valerie!

  3. Karen... your paintings always grab my attention. Please can you tell me what do the abrv on the left of the pinks mean TW... CTM
    I always see artists doing this and wondered what that means

  4. Thanks Angel and Caryl. Caryl, to answer your question, the TW is Titanium White, the CYM is Cad Yellow Medium. I mixed each of the reds with those. Hope this helps.

  5. Gorgeous! Lovely cool greens with your bright hits on pink!


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