Monday, January 14, 2013

In Progress

oil 16x20 inches Here's a better shot of the set up, though the camera's viewpoint is a bit different. The second is after my first painting session. I started with the clock and had to wipe it a couple of times. Overall, I'm happy with the start. I'm using a fairly limited palette: ult. blue, alizarin, cad yellow medium, yellow ochre, cad red light, burnt umber and Twhite. Though the photos don't show very accurate color, at least you can see what I'm up to.


  1. What a beautiful set up Karen. Going to be a wonderful painting. Love the diversity of the objects. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your progress! Beautiful so far!

  3. It's really really interesting and helpful to see how you work, I'm looking forward to watching the painting emerge. Thank you for sharing this.


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