Monday, August 18, 2014

Bike & Paint

oil 8x10 magnify/purchase Friday and Saturday we RV camped in Buelton, just three miles from Solvang. After our Saturday morning ride for danish, I tested out the idea of riding with my paint gear on my back. Without a towed vehicle we have to get around by bike. I lightened my pack as much as I could and rode around a bit. The pack felt very stable, so I figured I'd be safe enough, and I was. I painted on a familiar road just a mile away, and had a great time. Felt kinda funny to be painting in my cycling clothes! Happy with the result, and happy I didn't step in the poison oak just a few feet behind me. Didn't see that till I was packing up!!!


  1. I love this idea and painting!! Wish we lived closer so that I could do an adventure paint with you.

  2. A great painting in a beautiful location. Love your brushwork and composition.

  3. Looks like a lot of weight! Love the resulting painting!...blues, oranges...

  4. Sherry, it's a big backpack, so might be deceiving. Carol, that would be a blast. If you come to So Cal please let me know!!

  5. Love the painting and enjoy the pictures. You look great.

    1. Thanks, May. I didn't crash, so I felt good too! Ha!


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