Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beach Creek

oil 8x10 inches magnify/purchase Painted on location at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Where's the haystack? Waaaay off to my left. I chose this scene for the clouds. My linseed oil was missing from my pack when I started, so I painted this without any. Too far to walk back to camp. I discovered that while manganese blue works well for sky and water in Southern California, I needed ultramarine for these northern scenes. Lots of grayed blues. A HISTORY NOTE: This is Ecola Creek flowing into the ocean. Ecola is the Native American word for whale. The story goes that Lewis & Clark were nearby when they heard there was a beached whale at this location. They traveled to this spot to see it and named the creek. IN OTHER NEWS: I'm off to Victoria Gardens to paint. Last day of the show. I've talked to so many nice art lovers, and done two sunflower paintings so far. Once I have posted all the paintings from the trip, I'll share photos from the show.

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