Monday, January 19, 2015

California Pepper -a plein air tree study in oil

oil 8x10 inches magnify/purchase One afternoon it looked like rain again, so I stayed close to the RV and did this little tree study. I loved the shapes of the branches and cascading foliage. The backlighting became pinker as I painted which was even more fun. This day I learned the hard way not to put my backpack under my open turp can. Lost in painting, I was unaware that a family was approaching me from behind. Suddenly my whole set up came forward as if into my lap. My turp can fell and drenched my backpack. Paintbrush in hand scraped right through the painting as it fell toward me. What happened? My little Malte-poo lying on a blanket next to me had gone out and around me to greet the approaching children, her tie-out cord pulling my tripod over. Other than that, I had a peaceful painting session! I fixed the painting, then soaked the backpack in soapy water when I got home. Still smells like turp, though.

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