Monday, May 18, 2015

Balboa Art Walk

We had a great day at the Balboa Art Walk yesterday! I always meet the nicest people and their dogs too. I'm a happy artist when I get to display a "full rack" of my work...20 linear feet on that tiny little island. Thank you to friends and relatives who visited, and to all the folks who enjoyed and purchased my work. Pictured are a mother and her two daughters visiting from Utah who were buying my paintings as gifts to each other. So sweet and fun to be part of that! I think they bought a couple more after these shots were taken. I told them I'd recently gotten back from Utah and wished I could go home with them. Special thanks to my hubby who helped me schlep all that stuff and set it up, then hung around all day and took care of me. :-) IN OTHER NEWS: Here's the revised version of "Golden Oil".
oil 6x6 magnify/purchase info


  1. Your display looked great and what a gorgeous setting. I lived on Lido back in the early 80's and Balboa had great art back then too.
    I think your Golden Oil is a wonderful painting. So much skill.

  2. Karen, beautiful paintings! Especially love Golden Oil!


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