Monday, November 20, 2017

Demo For Loma Linda

oil 8x8 inches For a closer look and purchase info click here. A still life demo for the Loma Linda Cultural Arts Association back in October. I reworked the pomegranate a few days ago. Tried to post shots of the the original version but today my computer doesn't like my iPhone. Technology...really tries my patience sometimes, but I'm still thankful to live in the computer age. With Christmas and Hanukkah approaching I hope you'll consider some of my small paintings in your gift giving. Shipping is fast. You can see all my work and purchase with a credit card in Daily Paintworks Gallery HERE. Also STUDIO C in Claremont has a large selection of my smalls that you can see in person from $30-$100. Located in the Village on Bonita behind Bert&Rocky's Ice Cream. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Today, November 21 after a software update, here's the original version of the demo. Only the pomegranate was changed. This iPhone shot shows accurate color.

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