Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kristen's Mum

oil 8 1/2 X12 inches Purchase info here. At my May Advanced Workshop (Glass & Flowers) one of my workshop participants brought this mum specifically to see me paint it. A flower like this (white mum) is challenging, but everything boils down to painting the shapes you see, working from the large shapes first, progressing to the small. At the same time, I paint the darks first, mid values next, and the lightest lights last. It's important to have practiced with your chosen brush enough that you know exactly what shapes you can make with each stroke. Another consideration is temperature. Warms come forward and cools recede. Therefore, I first painted the cools in the depths of the flower and warmer as I go, building up to the warm lightest lights finally. So in a nutshell: think large to small, dark to light, and cool to warm. This process works for lots of things. I hope this helps someone out there! I appreciate your comments. This painting is on loose canvas. It will need to be mounted on board before framing. It is priced accordingly, and shipping is FREE! FOR MY MOST CURRENT PAINT HAPPENINGS PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: karenwernerart

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