Monday, November 25, 2019

Sand & Sun

oil 9x12 inches Purchase info here. Temperatures are dropping, three days of rain are coming along with snow in our local mountains. Boy, does this scene look inviting!!! Here's what happens when painting figures in plein air: The chosen subject was two adults in chairs and their little girl standing with a BIG bow in her hair. I took a pic of the figures, because I knew thay'd move. The girl went down to the water of course. I drew the two chairs. The third adult arrived! Drew in the third chair. Took more pics. Drew the two women. They ALL got up and left for about an hour. Drew the man from my pic. Started painting the chairs, then figures from memory. They came back and put up the umbrella. Added the umbrella, changed the skin tones under the umbrella to tones in shade. Painted the umbrella, shadows under the chairs, sunlit sand and water. Whew! It was a lot of fun to paint such a fluid situation and I was really lucky that the subject kept getting better!

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