Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Visiting Crystal Cove


Visting Crystal Cove  
 a plein air painting in oil 9x12 inches
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This is the last painting done during my February camping trip at Crystal Cove,  My backpack had nearly washed away in the morning, but I felt I had gotten a pretty good painting.  I ate my sack lunch and settled in on this building which is part of the visitors center.  While working I noticed this man (probably a volunteer with Crystal Cove Conservancy) walking around inviting children to come and do a craft. I remember hearing the appreciation of the mothers and excitement of the children showing what they had done.  The gentleman sat down just long enough for me to add him in, with a little head in the opposite chair.  If you're familiar with this scene, you'll know that the staircase leads up to the Shake Shack on PCH.  I hope this painting brings up your own memories of Crystal Cove.    

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