Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Bridge SOLD

watercolor and gouache on Arches 7.5 X 10.5 inches
private collection Granite Bay, California

On Sunday I attended a great watercolor demonstration by Keiko Tanabe. I got inspired by her approach and materials largely because they were so different than what I normally do in watercolor. So on Monday I had fun here with rough paper, squirrel mops, dark washes and gouache.
Keiko's work is amazing. I was not surprised to find out that as a young girl she studied calligraphy for several years. She seems to "draw" with paint, the brush an extension of her arm. On one wall of Watercolor West's exhibit I read, "Watercolor is like golf. Every stroke counts." Keiko's marks are sure.


  1. Really wonderful painting. Have to fully agree that painting is like golf- yes, every stroke counts- make it a good one!

  2. This is excellent Karen! I love the composition. Its so strong! Sounds like a fun class too!

  3. The watercolor is a world full of many possibilities, when it hooks you you cannot leave it. Thanks for your comment. Happy Christmas for you and yours. A greeting from Spain

  4. Great painting Karen! I bet the workshop was incredible for always admired Keiko's art.

  5. Beautiful, Karen! The perspective seems perfect and the blue sky peeking through the underneath part of the bridge is so good.


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