Sunday, March 4, 2012

Majestic Oak -sold

oil 10x8 inches
private collection Everett, Washington

A couple of Fridays ago I took off in my car and roamed around Claremont looking for a subject. I ended up at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens where I've walked and painted before. This tree must be really old because it's just enormous. I thought, "How do I convey the massiveness of this tree on a small canvas?" The trunk.


  1. You solved the issue of'how' just perfectly! I can feel the mass of this tree so well here.

  2. Beautiful job with a tough subject. Great mottled light in the leaves. Using the small strokes against the big strokes in the tree is great!

  3. I love this piece. The colour, value and temperature changes in the trunk and branches make it come alive.

  4. Sensational brush strokes. Very majestic painting. You did this tree proud!

  5. Wonderful tree Karen. Wonderful value changes and color contrasts. Thanks to for sharing the location.


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