Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Orange "Filling Station"

oil 8x10 inches

Yesterday Dana Cooper and I met up at the Orange circle to paint. This little eatery, "The Filling Station" was getting ready for the lunch crowd. As the crowd came we had to work around parked cars blocking our view. But no complaints here, the owner came out to see and bought my painting. We finished up then walked right into our subject for a delicious lunch.


  1. I can see why he liked it! That's a great story.

  2. Complicated scene, yet you pulled it off! Looks inviting! I'm jealous that you two get to paint together!

  3. I can attest that this one is even more beautiful in person. Fun day Karen!

  4. Love this one and can see why the owner came right out and bought it. I call that a successful day- painting with a friend, selling a painting and lunch with a friend! All good- congrats!!


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