Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old & Dusty Galleano

oil 9x12 inches Click to Purchase I paint what excites me. Sometimes I'm surprised by what excites me. Here, bottles and fake grapes are covered with a hearty layer of dust. The scene had an old world feel to it. My scruffy bristle brush made nice rough edges where I wanted them. Drawing the bottles, I used Roos Schuring's mirror trick to check for accuracy. Worked wonders. This shelf is outside, in the carport at Galleano Winery. Painted from a photo reference.

This painting is available at Vander Molen Fine Art, Arcadia, CA


  1. Hi Karen...what is this mirror trick? I've been using a mirror behind me so that i can easily turn and see the painting from a greater distance AND to see it backwards helps me check fof balance. Is there more?? ps I apreciate your 'verse of the day' Thanks

  2. Hi Brian. Her mirror trick serves the same purpose. Probably a lot of painters do this, but it was the way she did it that I liked. You can see it in her video, but here's my description: I bought a small compact mirror in a plastic case that folds. (Walgreen's) I stand facing my painting. Holding the mirror open in my right hand, I hold it up right beside my right eye, like near your temple. I close my left eye. I turn my head to the right till I can see the painting. It's quick and seems easier to me than backwards over your shoulder. I think maybe it gives you a more straight-on view. Very portable. If you try it, tell me what you think. Thanks for your comment about the verse of the day. The one for today is a really good one, huh?

  3. Thanks for answering. Years ago,I ended up with a couple of huge mirrors (4'x5') that I mounted on the wall opposite where I paint in the studio. I have become totally reliant on glancing at them to see what the painting looks like in reverse but like I said, I also see what they look like from a distance. Since the mirror is mounted about 15 feet away from the painting, the distance is doubled. Granted that's a little too far away for viewing a 6"x6" daily painting . But on larger paintings, say 4'x4', it is perfect.
    keep the verses coming!

  4. I love this, but I always love your color and brushwork. I have to try the mirror thing. Looks interesting.


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