Sunday, August 19, 2012

North On Haven

oil 8x8 inches Click to Purchase While driving up Haven Ave. last week at dusk, the light was so beautiful. I saw everything in yellows and violets. At a red light I snapped a photo. My red traffic light arched way into the center of that beautiful sky, so I left it out. I toned my canvas with Indian yellow and while I left some showing in the sky, it is a lot more subtle than this image shows. LA County Fair News: Looks like I'll be in the Millard Sheets Gallery Thursdays through Sundays. If I get more specific demonstrating hours, I will let you know.


  1. Karen, I love this, esp. the atmosphere at the base of the mountains! Haven Ave. in Ontario?

  2. Thanks, Sherry. Yes, Ontario on the way to Rancho Cucamonga, so one of the two.

  3. The gradation of the mountain and light just sends me right into that horizon...this is terrific!


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