Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gone Astray

oil 8x8 inches Click to Purchase Out painting hills one day, slowly from a great distance came 1800 sheep. I know the number because when they finally reached us beside the road I asked the shepherd how many there were. I think he spoke Portuguese. He reached down and with his finger wrote the number in the dirt. They were right up beside the road where cars passed at about 60 mph. Some were scratching themselves on the streetlamp posts. I was afraid they'd get into the road, but they never did. I think they have the cutest faces. On another note, I'm having a terrible time getting good photos of my paintings lately. Maybe it has to do with seasonal light. With every post I want to say, "The painting looks better in person." Might sound cheesy, but it's true.


  1. Love these sheep and the colors you worked into their shadows.
    Seems like the photographing is always a challenge. Folks would laugh at me if they knew how crude my system is. Works most of the time.
    I also love "lucky dog".

  2. I really love this one.....I have never painted such a small painting...8 by8 you do bigger stuff?


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