Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pomegranates -sold

oil 8x8 inches Click to Purchase When I was a kid, a neighbor had a pomegranate bush in their back yard. I would climb their side fence and crouching at the top of the fence, work my way to the back to "acquire" one for myself. (As if my feet actually in their backyard would get me caught!) I think they knew I did this, but they didn't care. The mother painted oils in her family room and the father made anything out of wood, including guitars and later, an easel for me. Funny how a piece of fruit conjures up so many good memories. The first time painting them, it's a lot like painting pears or gala apples...lots of color variations.


  1. This is gorgeous Karen. So many beautiful color variations. Love your story too. Maybe they were an early influence.??

  2. This is a lovely painting, beautiful color!

  3. Oh, Karen, just gorgeous! Love the way you combine those compliments.

  4. These are just gorgeous! So painterly and confident. And guess what, I did the same thing as a kid with our neighbour's crab apple tree and I'm always reminded of it when I see that fruit, so I know exactly what you mean.
    Happy Painting.


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