Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Field Study, Solvang

oil 8x10 inches Along Alisal Road in Solvang the fog was lifting and the light shone through moss hanging from the trees. I took pictures, then drew in the cows quickly. They nibbled away and lumbered out of the picture. After finishing the painting, I added the cows back in by looking at my camera. Maybe they are too small. I'll check that out when I have time. I've been busy with a commission and some violin paintings. Going to Blue Jay tomorrow for a few days to visit/paint with a friend and to return her violin. I'll post again on Monday. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. La nature dans toute sa splendeur... De très jolies nuances de verts... Une belle campagne avec la présence de ces ruminantes !
    Gros bisous à vous et joyeuses fêtes pascales.

  2. Lovely painting, I think the proportion of cows is perfect :)


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