Monday, March 18, 2013

Mission Afternoon

oil 8x6 inches I arrived at the mission at about 3pm on Friday. I was excited to see so many artists already set up and painting. Some had been there since morning. I could tell this was a motivated bunch! Yay, I thought, 'cause I just want to paint too!!! I dropped my stuff in my room and squeezed in this little study before dinner at six. The pepper trees had been damaged by frost and turned that bright red-orange. My intention for this weekend was to practice and have fun, and not sweat over the results. So while these little studies may not be my very best work, they are part of the journey. All of them are in my car right now screaming at me to fiddle with them! I'm leaving the little buggers in there till I get home tomorrow.


  1. This painting needs nothing. Isn't that wonderful when a study turns out so beautifully. Love!!

  2. I agree with Carol, this painting is perfect.

  3. Karen, I really like the freshness of this painting, the beautiful foliage and great brush strokes! I'm thinking this was the one you were working on when we first met at the mission. Wonderful to see your work from there and to meet you in person!


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