Friday, April 5, 2013

Violin Strings

oil 6x6 inches not for sale I found out that violins are difficult to play and difficult to draw as well. Tried to play a few notes before I started painting. Wow. Screechy! I stamped the strings with the beautiful edge of a Silver Bristlon Flat. Kathy the violinist liked this one because she likes the "F" holes. I gave it to her as a housewarming gift.


  1. Kathy is a very lucky recipient of your painting. I love the richness of colour in this piece.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog when you found me with out mutual memories of the wonderful Hai Abdul. Beautiful paintings!

  3. Nice composition and wonderful subject Karen. I love this instrument. Played it as a child. My husband picked one up for me a number of years ago. It is not like getting back on a bike. I should paint it.


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