Thursday, April 18, 2013

Studied Tangerine

oil 8x8 inches click for purchase information I bought fifty shades of gray fabric for drapery. Not really. Just seven or eight. Exploring different color schemes on gray, I have found that the gray is hardly noticed in the overall look of the work. It also allows me to adjust the gray to my liking. For "Emily and Madeline" I leaned it toward taupe. Here it's pretty much gray, and you'll see in the next post I leaned it toward green. I think I've finally solved my problem with backgrounds. I don't mean the gray, but rather reversing my process. Painting them first as a loose warm up really works for me. I get them out of the way, have a "support" for my objects, and can manipulate edges as I go.


  1. Cette tangerine est la maƮtresse femme de cette merveilleuse peinture... Elle orchestre cette composition en toute harmonie.
    Gros bisous

  2. Great painting. I like how the oranges stand out against the grays in your work. The books are so real yet painterly. I have been exploring grays too, trying to find mixes that work with the subject I'm painting. Sometimes I will compare Schmid's color chart in the book Alla Prima, with the colours in my image and use one of his mixes. I seem to use Terra Rosa and ultramarine blue a lot. (I should make my own color chart as he says). So much to learn!

  3. The color scheme here is so warm and rich-really elegant!

  4. Your backgrounds are wonderful doing just what should providing a beautiful stage for the dynamics of your focus. Lovely work.


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