Monday, November 25, 2013

Persimmons & Leaf

oil 6x8 inches click for purchase info and magnifier Ahhh, the power of the three primaries! Painted with just red, yellow and blue, plus white. Specifically, cad red light, cad yellow medium and ultramarine blue. I like painting these fall leaves, mixing the paint on the canvas with overlapping brushstrokes. Thanks to my daughter, Shelly who shared these perfect for painting persimmons. And while I'm at it, I THANK YOU ALL who follow my blog, leave comments and purchase my paintings. I feel so grateful to be painting nearly every day, and I appreciate you all very much!


  1. Seeing your still life works really makes me miss doing them. It is always fun to see persimmons appear in the grocery store. You did a beautiful job with them!

  2. Karen, we thank you for bringing so many people your special touch of beauty everyday. I love your dialog that accompanies your visual delight.
    Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.
    Mary Jo

  3. Your rich paint and brushwork always describe the feeling of subjects so beautifully!


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