Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Way -a plein air painting from Balboa Island, CA -sold

oil 12x9 inches magnify I painted this on the first afternoon of the Just Plein Fun Invitational. The surfboard in the corner is not immediately noticed, but I intended to make it the focal point along with the umbrella. When I finished the gallery was closed, so I left it framed and in my car overnight. Then I had an idea. In the morning at the back of my car I gave the surfboard a red stripe down the center. It brought a spark to the focal area and a nice foil to the blues, tans and greens throughout the painting. And...I was so excited I forgot to shoot a pic of it! Well you can see it in the gallery and on the website. This painting is available at The Debra Huse Gallery 949-723-6171.

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