Thursday, September 17, 2015

Circles & A Square -a still life painting in oil -SOLD

oil 8x10 inches magnify/purchase info We are eight days from moving. I'm only about half way packed, but my new studio is coming along nicely. It's going to be a big one! Plenty of space for workshops and bigger paintings. I'm so excited! I'll share some pictures as soon as I can. Meanwhile, here's the first demo I did last Saturday in Rancho Cucamonga. These are my mini pomegranates I love to use for their size and color. In my opinion this painting works well because of color harmony and the inclusion of round shapes of different sizes, a square shape and line. I like using diagonals to prevent a static, (really still) still life. Below you can see my start, toned with burnt umber.


  1. Super fresh and beautiful! Love the light on the blue container.
    Moving? To a new town? Excited for you and to see your new studio!

    1. Thanks, Carol. We are moving just ten miles north to Upland. Single story. Downsizing the house, upsizing the studio! Woo hoooo!!!

  2. Really beautiful this composition and colors.


  3. another fresh gem, love it Karen! hope your move has gone perfectly.


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