Sunday, October 11, 2015

Still Life Demo -sold

oil 8x8 inches magnify Friday's demo for the Carlsbad Oceanside Art League was so much fun! In the morning I judged their monthly exhibit, then they treated me to lunch in Carlsbad village. During my afternoon demo the group was very interested and asked great questions. What a pleasure! Thank you, COAL for inviting me. Liz won my donated painting, "White Pumpkin." She was so happy, and I was happy that she was happy! Then Marie bought my demonstration painting. We were both happy! Five or six very kind ladies stayed and helped my get my gear into my car, because I've had terrible trouble with my back for several days now. Too much lifting, unpacking, etc.
Here are some more progress shots of my studio.


  1. Hi Kan
    Congratulations on your new studio. It's looking good. Love seeing the progress shots.
    I noticed that the panel you are painting is attached to a larger panel behind it. How do you attach it to the larger board?
    BTW love your work, I am a big fan, but on the opposite coast. Hope we meet some day :)

    1. Hi Rita. Thank you for commenting. You know the blue painter's tape they sell at hardware stores? I make 4-6 loops off the wide roll and put it on the back of my canvas panel. Then I stick it to MDF board. I buy a big sheet of MDF and have the store cut it up. Having several of these boards around allows me to cavases on there till they dry move them around safely for photographing, etc. Hope this is helpful.


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