Saturday, August 13, 2016

Island Posse -a plein air painting from Balboa Island -SOLD

oil 12x9 inches magnify Here's first painting last week at "Just Plein Fun" on Balboa Island. I'm very happy to announce that I was awarded Third Place and a Purchase Award for this piece. Thank you to esteemed judge Jean Stern and Debra Huse Gallery. About my process: While setting up and drawing in the design, I had my phone ready and watched for people, interesting cars and such going through the alley. I chose these little kids from the ten shots I took. I then drew in the figures. I painted the entire scene, then the figures from my phone. I love being able to include simple figures in my work. In four and a half days I managed to finish 7 paintings. Someone asked me recently if the pressure of competition gets to me. No. I love the process of painting SO much, I just do my best like I usually do, enjoy myself, then put it out there for people to see. It is what it is. Some will love it, some will like it and some will not. That's art. I'll post all the paintings in upcoming posts. Here's a better photo of the painting.
Winning any award is the icing on the cake. Do I look happy? You betcha!


  1. Was this the painting you started Wed and went back to finish Thurs afternoon after my friend and I saw you? Turned out great and you so deserved an award for it plus all the rest you painted!!

    1. Hi Cindy. Nope. This was my first, so it was painted on Monday.


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