Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pots, Pots, Pots! -a plein air painting from Balboa Island

oil 10x8 inches magnify On Tuesday afternoon, the second day of Just Plein Fun, I walked the island looking for shade and inspiration. Specifically, inspiration IN the shade! The multiple pots at this little cottage caught my eye. I have a thing for potted plants myself. I loved the reds against blues and that small pot directly in front of the open Dutch door. I thought about leaving out the giant pot in the foreground, but maybe the golden color might be a nice foil to the others, and maybe it would lead the eye in to the focal point. Sometimes you have to entertain some maybes. Your comments are always welcome. This painting is available at Huse Gallery, 229 Marine Ave. Suite E, Balboa Island, CA. 949-723-6171
Wearing my nametag backwards so it won't create it's own little painting on my shirt. Tomorrow I'll have sinus surgery. I might not be posting for a while.


  1. Good luck with your sinus surgery....hear they can work wonders with this surgery.
    Love this cottage painting, inspires me to paint a few of the cute little cottage photos I took that day when
    I saw you.. How do you edit these little gems with so much going on?

    1. Hi Cindy, it's the morning after surgery. I feel pretty good. Thank you. About Editing, I didn't take out much here. I have a tendancy to paint everything I see. Most often I move thing to avoid tangents, etc.

  2. Aww I get it, move the crowded scene around a little so it reads better.
    Glad you are feeling good and let me know how well you can breathe again.


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