Thursday, May 14, 2020

Abundance And Other Stuff

oil 11x11 Available at Square i Gallery in Claremont, CA. Call 909-625-2533 to inquire. After I finished the 30 Day Challenge in September, November continued to be a great month of painting. I completed four pieces for Square i Gallery's 11x11 Show for December. It was my first year entering this odd-sized show. This piece is painted on a wood panel 1/2 inch deep and stained on the sides. I prepped the panel with muslin and gesso, which made a great light toothed surface. It is ready to hang, but would also look great in a simple floater frame of your liking. Below you'll see my conglomerate photo of the September paintings (one missing) laid out on my studio floor. Also below, a dog portrait commission for a fellow artist. I loved painting Bounder! The client gave me a great photo to work from. It's 14x11 and was a gift for her husband. I love being part of surprising someone with a heart-felt gift! To commission a dog portrait, email me at

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  1. There are so many wonderful paintings here, wow. Very hard to pick a favorite but I would pick the one with the branch, leaves and green apples. Paint on!


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