Friday, October 22, 2021

Rental 21


Rental 21   oil 9x12 inches
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In June, my husband and I camped in the High Sierras at Twin Lakes.  We "dry" camped in our small RV between tall pines.  The RV barely fit between the trees!  No phone service and no internet.  I quickly realized how often I Google something!  But back to the painting.  On our last day, we hiked down to the lake for breakfast in the diner, then time to paint.  I noticed high rainclouds, but a gentleman who did have internet assured us there was no rain in the forecast.  (You can guess how this story ends.)  I set up to paint, and after about 30 minutes of dissatisfaction, wiped off and spun my easel in the direction of this scene.  I was nearing the finish when a very strong wind came up.  (The kind of wind when people scream, grab things and run for cover.)  I held onto my easel till it passed, and noticed the clouds had darkened.  Finishing quickly, I then packed up and we hiked about a mile back to our RV.  In an instant, the clouds let loose with big drops.  The wet earth and pines smelled wonderful! I'm happy with this little painting.  Sometimes having to paint fast is an advantage. It results in an underworked loose and lively painting.  

IN OTHER NEWS:  I have a few spaces left in my November 13-14 Workshop.  This in-person workshop is chock full of content.  You'll learn a lot in just two days!  Email me for a full description.

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