Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plein Air at Chaffey Garcia House sold

This morning I joined three fellow plein air (French for outside) painters at this historic home in Etiwanda. There's awesome old stuff to paint there, and the docents and caretakers really make you feel welcome.

I don't usually get so close to my paint, but my friend Margaret wanted to get my face in the shot. Thanks, Margaret!

You can see my subject above: a back door and lavender bush in bloom. I'm actually inside the barn (with more cool old stuff, so I blended right in.) The sun kept going in and out behind the clouds, so with the deep shade of the barn, I had a real hard time judging all the, no warm, now cool, uh-oh-warm again. It was tons of fun. It got too cold for all of us, so time to go home. At top is my result propped up against my backpack. Not a fabulous painting, but a wonderful morning!

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  1. I just saw your impressive work at the AAIE web site and was surprised to see how similar your approach to painting is to mine. I, too, am a realist. I work mainly in watercolor. I wanted to make your art group aware of the art workshop of a lifetime that I am hosting on a paradise island in the South Pacific next January. We were there this past January. If anyone would like info, this is my Painting in Paradise web site:


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