Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunshine Fruit And Flowers SOLD

oil on canvas panel 16x8 inches

What a great day to be outside at the Chino Arts Festival! The weather was perfect. My friend Laura Barnes and I enjoyed the festive atmosphere, chatting and doing our art together. I brought the sunflowers and orange to paint. Knowing it might get windy, I weighted the vase with rocks...well, nice idea, but....we had that strong Chino afternoon wind. It blew the vase over and drenched most of my table! Not to worry, my daily paintings stayed dry. Water all gone, and wind still threatening, I finished the painting from memory as best I could.

I love painting out in public. I met one very kind gentleman (about 30-ish) who said he had never seen anyone paint before. Proof again that we visual artists need to get out more often!
It was a great day. And, oh! I sold three paintings!!! Hooray!

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  1. hooray for selling 3 paintings! I like how bright this painting is!


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