Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reception Sunflowers-sold

oil on canvas panel 12x9 inches
These Mason jarred sunflowers were our reception night decor. Though I felt rusty from not painting daily for several weeks, I got in the groove after an hour or so. Proof I think, that even if I have to take a break, all those daily paintings under my belt pay off. Most of the time I had people watching and talking with me, which I really enjoyed. One observer remarked that it is a "happy" painting...very nice to hear since I do like my darks! I'm very happy with this one.


  1. Looks like you didn't skip a beat here, for this is a wonderful painting Karen! I particualrly like the fact not all the sunflowers have bloomed. Wonderful depth with your colors.

  2. Beautiful!! I love the colors and depth in this painting.

  3. It sparkles, Karen! Your brush strokes give movement and your color adds excitement. I'm also very fond of Mason jars. Beautiful!


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