Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Stapler

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
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Why are so many of us fascinated with old stuff? I don't know. This old stapler came home a long time ago from my husband's office having been replaced by sleek shiny ones that I bet don't work as well. Anyway, I love the texture of the metal filled with dust and yellowed somehow. I love the still shiny black smasher thingy. I added the mail for an interesting small object (stamp) with the same yellow ochre. When it was almost finished, it needed that paper scrap for balance. I really like how this one turned out.


  1. Great little painting! I love the subject. Your colors are wonderful, too, and the letter really adds a personal touch.

  2. The stapler fascinated me... I couldn't tell what it was, and I just HAD to find out, then, OF COURSE, I saw it ! I love your style, and the fact that you were an elementary teacher, and now painting. I taught H.S. art.... Anyhoo, keep up the great painting !!!!!--Sandy Haynes (Fresh Paint)


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