Monday, November 15, 2010

Pear In Silver-sold

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
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This was a tricky one, but lots of fun. The silver mirrored just about everything in the immediate vicinity, including light coming through windowblinds, me and the back of my easel. Simplifying the reflections into large shapes helped maintain the pear as the focal point.


  1. Karen,
    This is amazing. Wow on doing a beautiful composition and capturing that pear reflection just perfectly. I am new to oil painting and am tackling my first glass/water/refraction painting tomorrow in a class- You inspire me.

  2. Very nice, Karen! Funny about the reflections! You did a great job on the reflections. It really looks like silver.

  3. Great job!! Silver is tricky. I had the same problems with having to edit, I think you made great choices. Lovely painting:)

  4. Very fun, Karen. It reminds me of babies when they discover themselves in the mirror; I like the interplay between the pear and its reflection. Bright surfaces are very challenging.
    If you painted everything you see you'd go nuts. You have to be selective- and SQUINT. That magic word.....

  5. Nice, nice captured the silver perfectly and the reflections are done convincingly. Love the color palette that you used.

  6. Nicely done Karen!
    I've been working with reflective props too and they are tricky.


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