Friday, December 31, 2010

Little Shiny Shoes

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
not for sale

I had a great time with this one! What girl doesn't love to wear patent leather at least sometime in her life? These shoes have been worn by two of my girliest grandaughters. Set on pink, we have a painting that's about being a girl. I used two colors not normally in my palette: chromatic black and quinacrodone T. white and a smidge of cad yellow medium. Using just four colors made it even more fun to paint...and just looking at it makes me happy!


  1. Adorable! The buckles and the highlights are awesome.
    happy new year:)

  2. I have a gran-daughter too, so I know the feeling of being happy. Great job!

  3. Such lovely little shoes Karen!
    happy new year too....

  4. this is such a great painting, karen! the shine is perfect!

  5. So special! :) I love it, and I love that it is with a pink girly background! I don't know any artsy words, but I love this painting! And it makes even more special that they were Gracies :)


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