Tuesday, December 7, 2010


oil on canvas panel 6x4 inches
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The sidewalks in our neighborhood are sprinkled with nature's confetti. I gathered these pieces while walking my dog and placed them on blue linen. The burnt umber against the clean blue got me right away. On the linen the objects seem important...worth more than just a glance. Then I noticed there was a cross in the linen. How fitting...as I painted I thought about falling leaves, the cycle of regeneration, and how Christ came to offer us spiritual regeneration. I like this little painting.


  1. Karen, I like the simplicity of this painting and the lovely message that you got from it. I also love linen, maybe that is a southern thing- but it always seems elegant to me.

  2. Beautiful Karen, I love your description also. It really can be the simplest things that have the biggest message.

  3. Keren- I love this one. The blue is so beautiful. The objects look like I could lift them off the page! Beautiful message too.

  4. Really like this little painting, and it's fresh look. I like your description, too. -Sandy Haynes

  5. WOW! The cross in the background is amazing! What a beautiful and thoughtful comparison you have made! God's creations are so intriguing and so are your creations! Your Friend, Diane Thompson


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