Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Abigail SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
A dear friend commissioned this portrait of her Yorkie, Abigail. Don't let the sweet name fool you...she is also referred to as "psycho dog". She goes right for the face, licking your ears and planting her tongue on your front teeth before y' know what hit 'ya. She keeps the whole pack of five pint-sized dogs upset with her deranged antics. For the painting, I capitalized on her crooked mouth, and kept my brushstrokes energetic....like the dog.


  1. Karen, I just love this! I feel like Abigail has climbed right up my chest and is looking at my face. Too funny and very sweet. You did a wonderful job of capturing a fun personality in a hilarious whirlwind of a dog. Best ever:)

  2. Karen, this is adorable! Wonderful brush work. I love Yorkies. I had one many years ago, named Coco Poppycock. I never had another dog after we lost him. They surely become part of you. Wish I had a portrait done of him such as this one!

  3. I saw your work as one of the cool standouts on the daily painters challenge page, this is the most adorable face!!Love your work!!


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