Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Fun In Sedona

Ahhh....sunny Sedona! NOT! Temps dipped into the low 40's with wind, frozen rain and a bit of thunder. Exciting! We huddled under an overhang at Slide Rock State Park. Try as I might to get a good value study, the light was changing minute by minute. One painted, one wiped, and one measley color study. If I had been happy with my painting I wonder if I would not have felt so cold. It's all mental. I rehearsed my motto: "Paint a lot of paintings, and some of them will be good."

Martha and Jennifer under the overhang.

Value study #1, color study under changing conditions.

Last study from yesterday with some changes: toned down the barn color, simplified the bushes and lower right corner. Working with an unfamiliar palette is hard. Thinking about sneaking my old colors in! Tomorrow more rain is expected. More fun!


  1. love seeing your work, Karen. your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun, and a bit of challenge thrown in !!! I'd be interested in knowing what the limited palette was during your workshop.

  2. Thanks, Sandy. Jennifer's palette is: TZ White, cad Y med,Y ochre, cad R lt, thalo red rose, indian yellow, alizarin, ult blue and ivory black for the value studies.

  3. I am loving your posts about your workshop! Really enjoyed your value studies. Hope you are staying warm!


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