Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pear'd Up and Preschool Demo

oil on Raymar canvas panel 6x6 inches

Yesterday I was invited to my granddaughter's preschool, where some very lucky four-year-olds are learning about famous artists and their work. When I arrived their teacher, Mrs. Haus, was talking about Mondrian and how he balanced his paintings by starting with a grid. They'll go on to study Van Gogh, O'Keefe, Monet, Picasso and Pollack. The children will later create their own little paintings inspired by these masters. Kudos to Mrs. Haus and her creative vision for these kids!

My granddaughter, Emily and I

I showed them how every color can be made with the three primaries, watercolor paper and equipment, and how we use the white of the paper instead of white paint. They really liked the word "scumble" and Mrs. Haus said she's sure they'll do some scumbling of their own. I gave them each a piece of "real" watercolor paper with a triad on it so they can paint their own triad and do their scumbling. It was SO much fun and over way too soon!


  1. Wonderful painting and love the story of you and your granddaughter!

  2. There is nothing nicer than the curiosity of the childrem for learning.
    I´m charmed with it the luminosity and the colors of this painting.

  3. Karen, how great that children are starting to learn about art and artists at a young age! So good of you to volunteer to share with them! Glad your show was a success, too. Today's painting is nice--I like the slight "chiseled" look of the shapes and love the colors and painterly affect.

  4. Great painting, and the trip to the school sounds like such fun. I visited my grandson's school(2nd grade)during black history month and showed them a painting I had done of quilt squares and told them the meaning of the different squares having to do with the underground railroad. The children asked lots of interesting questions.

  5. Emily is a doll! I know you loved visiting her school and teaching the kids how to make colors out of the primaries. I still remember learning how to do that with watercolors when I was little.

  6. I love your participation in the teaching of art appreciation in kindergarten. It seems that art and music are the first to go as states tighten belts. Of course to me science and math rank right up there with Latin, the dead language! I know! I know! We need them all, but how about an equal balance of the disciplines. I love your work!


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