Friday, June 1, 2012

The Magic Donut -sold

oil 6x6 inches click here to bid It's National Doughnut Day! The fabric pattern reminds me of a magic carpet. I love donuts and doughnuts. Found out you can spell it either way. Go get some donuts. I'm pretty sure the calories don't count if you eat them today.


  1. Une peinture superbe !... Aussi délicieuse pour le regard que pour les papilles!!...
    Votre imprimé est magnifique avec la petite serviette blanche le contraste est fantastique.
    Gros bisous et bon appétit!

  2. Love the way you painted this chocolate!

  3. How do I miss these important holidays? And how do you know about them?
    Love the intricate pattern on the cloth and the doughnut looks good enough to eat. Chocolate covered are my favorite. Happy doughnut day!


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